What do you mean by dental implants?

You are sometimes unhappy with your teeth because of missing teeth, decaying teeth, loose dentures, and many other dental issues. You lose your bright and beautiful smile due to these reasons. It will be a wise move to go to the dentist, and your dentist suggests you get dental implants. Now, you must be wondering what a dental implant is. It is an orthodontic anchor or support for a dental prosthesis that interfaces with the jawbone or skull, such as a bridge, crown, denture, or facial prosthesis. You can’t trust just anyone to handle this treatment because it’s so complicated, so look for the dentist with the most experience. Are you searching for the best dental implant? You can trust Thornton dental implants dentist for the best dental implant. To know more about dental implants, keep on reading.

Types are dental implants

There are three types of dental implants, they are as follows-

  1. Endosteal Implants

It is one of the most common types of dental implants. They can suit patients who have healthy jawbones. They are designed like screws and serve as stands to hold. They are inserted into the jaw, where the fake teeth are attached.

  1. Subperiosteal implant

Subperiosteal implants do not fit into the jawbone; rather, they rest on top of it, buried behind the gum. A metal frame with a stand is put under the gum to hold it in place. Then around the frame, the gum continues to heal, holding it in place. The prosthetic teeth are held in place by the rods that extend from the gum.

  1. Zygomatic Implants

It is one of the least used implants as it is considered a very complicated procedure to perform. The implant is positioned on the cheekbone rather than on the jawbone. 

When should you go for a dental implant?

There are many reasons for opting for a dental implant, some are mentioned below-

  • When you notice missing teeth.
  • When your teeth catch a bad and severe infection.
  • When you are facing problems with dentures.
  • When you are facing problems chewing food.
  • When you are unhappy with your smile. 


Your smile is very precious, you want it to be perfect always, but due to some problems or aging, you tend to get some avoidable dental problems which are bad for your overall health too. So, you must always be in contact with a good dental clinic. 

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