14 Accessories You Need for Your Favorite Occasions

Better organize your closet for the upcoming Christmas! 

You cannot avoid the fact that you might get too many party invitations, and the accessories you have may not be sufficient for all of them. 

Well, perhaps some new clothes would do, you might think. But make no mistakes about it; the wrong accessories can have a bad impact on your overall look.

Why Are Accessories Important?

If you don’t feel like spending too much money on your dress, having the right choice of accessories can make you look like a million-dollar babe. 

Accessories are also something you don’t need to keep on changing. A few solid statement pieces can last you a lifetime, and you can style them in many different ways. We have picked pieces from all price ranges that can make your minimalist outfits classier and maximalist outfits more graceful.

Aside from that, it’s almost the holiday season! So, you must decide what gifts you need to get your loved ones.

Some of the first jewelry pieces are nearly 25,000 years old and haven’t yet gone out of fashion. No matter what your style is, the following are the must-have accessories that you can use for any event. 

1. Everyday Necklace 

An everyday necklace should be something small and subtle. Perhaps a necklace with a solitaire jewel would be perfect. This necklace could be your go-to when you can’t decide what to wear. 

Or it might be something sentimental that you wouldn’t want to take off. Plus, minimalist necklaces make a casual outfit look effortlessly beautiful. 

2. A Classy Bracelet 

Don’t feel guilty when treating yourself with a beautiful tennis bracelet.  A beautiful line of diamonds looks even more gorgeous when stacked up. And you can’t ever wear too many! Diamond jewelry looks perfect at formal and even at casual events. 

3. Wedding Ring

If you are married, then you already have the dream accessory that every girl wants. Your diamond wedding band will look subtle and classy no matter what you are wearing. 

4. Bold Necklace

These days everyone likes to dress down and carry a minimalistic look. However, if you are someone who likes to wear bold dresses, then a nice statement necklace should be your go-to. 

A statement necklace can really tell that you are confident and not afraid of standing out of the crowd. However, do make sure to dress according to the color wheel so that your outfit doesn’t end up looking funny.

5. Go-To Earrings

Earrings are perhaps the first piece of jewelry that everyone owns. Similar to our everyday necklaces, you should also have a pair of earrings that are your go-to.

Some days you don’t want to wear big earrings but also don’t want to go out bare-eared, so having earrings that fit your style is always essential. Small earrings in diamond shape are also great.

6. Chokers

Chokers add an edge to your ensembles. If you haven’t experimented with chokers before, you can start with a thin black one or one with muted tones. Once you are comfortable wearing it, you can then move to wear ones that are bold and tacky. 

7. Statement Earrings 

Are you even trying if you don’t have loud earrings? Whether big hoops, feathers, tassels or something boho and ethnic, statement earrings can revamp your outfits.

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Even if you are going for a simple party, statement earrings can dramatically affect your look. 

8. Flower Crown

Do we need to say more? Whether it is a music festival, a fair or just a walk in nature, flower crowns are all you need. It could be one with real flowers or faux, a simple ring around the head will make you look like a fairy princess. 

9. Ring Sets

Spice up your outfit easily by stacking up your favorite rings. You can add your engagement ring to the set and create a classy boho look. 

10. Cute Hair Accessories

Accessories also include hair-wears, don’t they? Firstly, you should have a cute headband that you can style with a sundress for that perfect picnic look. Plus, if you haven’t had the time to wash up your hair, then some dry shampoo and a pretty claw clip will do the trick. 

11. Sunnies

A pair of aviator sunglasses look great with all kinds of outfits and events. So, you can style them on a girls-day out or just put them on your way to get groceries. 

Get yourself a sturdy pair, enough to last you forever. And if you think your aviators are getting boring, you can even get some funky cat-eye, heart-shaped or large colorful ones to add a pop to your ensembles. 

12. Caps and Hats

Having a bad hair day? Style up your outfit with a cap or a hare. You don’t need to be a baseball fan to own a baseball cap. Go for a run, or run some errands; a baseball cap looks a bad-boy vibe to any feminine outfit.

Or get your hands on a floppy sun hat; it looks so chic yet sophisticated. And it is perfect for that tropical look on a beach day. 

13. A Classy Watch 

We are all guilty of checking the time on our phones, regardless of wearing a watch. Oops! But it’s not a problem. Watches make you look more sophisticated and classy. And you don’t necessarily need to own a lot of them. You just need to have a few, yet, reliable ones. You can even pair your watch with a tennis bracelet to take your look to another level. 

14. Purse and Shoes 

Well, for these, you might need more than one. And no matter how many you have, it can’t ever be enough. The right kind of shoes and purse can add so much to your fit. Be it a dazzling date night or a glam fest formal event, your bag and purse can steal the show for you. 


Dressing simply doesn’t mean you have to limit your style and look bland. You can showcase your personality by getting yourself timeless lab-grown diamond pieces or other interesting gems. Remember, those suitable accessories give you confidence like never before. 

So shine bright like a diamond, and style yourself in the boldest or minimalist way you like; just remember that you radiate beauty when you feel most comfortable. 

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