3 Most Popular Cities to Retire on the West Coast

If you want to retire to the west coast, there are so many options to choose from when it comes to cities. The west coast in general has so much to offer retirees from amazing weather to beautiful beaches to many attractions to keep them occupied if they want an active retirement.

If you already live on the west coast and are looking to move to a more retirement-friendly city, or you are planning to relocate to the west coast specifically for retirement, you are really in luck. There are so many great cities to choose from, and here are just 3 of those wonderful options:

Yakima, Washington

If you want to retire to wine country, but Napa Valley is too expensive for your retirement years, consider Yakima Washington. If you love a great glass of wine and living among the beautiful vineyards, this is the retirement spot for you. 

Besides wine, the area is also known for its diverse climate, as well as the mountains in the area. This is certainly beneficial if you want to have an active retirement. Retirees in Yakima can enjoy skiing, biking, golf, and more. So if you love wine and are hoping to do a variety of activities in your retirement, put Yakima, Washington on your list of west coast cities to consider.

Portland, Oregon

Portland is known as a progressive city, and actually the city has been attracting more retirees in recent years. The city is close to nature and contains the world’s largest urban park. There is a focus on health in Portland, which may be preferred by retirees looking to stay active. There is a great restaurant scene, which includes many restaurants with an organic focus.

Portland is also known for hiking, so if you are planning to hike a lot in your retirement, this might be the city for you. If this sounds appealing, and you would like to retire to a bigger city with an outdoorsy focus, there are plenty of Portland houses for sale to check out for your retirement abode.

Monterey, California

If you are hoping to make the Golden State your retirement home, there are definitely lots of cities to consider. However, Monterey is a great option for retirees who want to make the move to California. Monterey is located on the coast and is close to the beach if you are hoping for some waves and sand in your retirement.

There is also a plethora of activities to choose from in and around Monterey, depending on what you enjoy and plan to do in your retirement. From whale watching to golf to kayaking and more, there are plenty of activities for active retirees. If you are hoping for a more relaxing retirement, there are plenty of nice restaurants to check out in Monterey.

If you are hoping to move to the west coast for retirement, there are so many cities to choose from. With outstanding options in Washington, Oregon, and California, you will certainly have a challenge deciding among these great options. 

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