Custom Hot Stamping Glitter Epoxy Acrylic Keychain

Hot stamped acrylic keychains are one of the latest additions to the keychain industry. This particular type of keychain is manufactured by employing the hot stamping process, which makes use of external heat sources for transferring ink patterns or images onto particular exteriors. This process adds to the beauty of acrylic keychains and makes them stand out even more while being practical and useful. Vograce offers a great variety of acrylic keychains that are adorned with glitter foils by using the hot stamping method. 

Learn How Does the Hot Stamping Process Work?

The hot stamping process involves the use of a machine, a hot stamping press, that emits heat at specified points on a surface. The hot stamping press is fully equipped with a heating element that aids in transferring ink from the foil carrier onto the surfaces to be marked. Hot stamping foils can have numerous applications one of which is to decorate everyday items like keychains. Unlike other printing processes, hot stamping leaves the keychains with a clean look because there are no ink prints or consumables left behind.  

How Are Hot Stamping Epoxy Acrylic Keychains Different?

Because these keychains are manufactured by putting to work an updated printing process, they are relatively new and also present sellers with a great option while they search for their ideal keychains. Unlike traditional metal or leather keychains, these keychains are easier to carry and make one’s fashion accessories look prettier and stylish. Some of the many factors that distinguish hot stamped acrylic keychain from others are discussed in this section. 

  • Gold Foil

The use of gold foil patterns to cover the edges and insides of keychain surfaces makes them look different and unique. The foil reflects beautifully in the sunlight and gives the impression of a glittery surface. Gold foil acrylic keychains look delicate and are perfect for those who are looking for something to give their respective ones as a gift.

  • Epoxy as a Raw Material

Epoxy works brilliantly when it comes to holding different surfaces or tiny items together. When used for making keychains, epoxy helps in keeping the surface clear and the images intact without causing any damage to them. Because of its strong gum properties and transparent nature, it can help keychain manufacturers make clear keychains with the customer’s favorite color, patterns, designs, or characters printed inside. 

  • Hot Stamping Process 

As previously mentioned, the hot stamping process does wonders when it comes to decorating an acrylic keychain. The many benefits that this process offers include the following:

  • Odorless: The use of dried inks makes sure that there is no bad aroma left on the surfaces. This makes the keychains not only look good but also makes them free from bad tracks. 
  • Clean Surfaces: Since no wet ink is being put to use, the keychains come out clean and neat with beautiful patterns and designs printed on their surfaces. The keychains having hot stamped foil printed on them have a silken look and nonglossy pigmented colors on them. 
  • Keychain Flexibility: Customers at Vograce can choose from a wide collection of keychain options or can even customize their own hot stamped keychains because this process is flexible enough to be conducted on surfaces of varying shapes and sizes. 
  • Good Quality: Because of the fine printing procedure, the hot-stamped keychain turns out perfect and does not have any blunders in the graphical display of any character or words printed on the keychain. The hot press makes sure that the keychains are ready to be used and won’t leave any ink prints on buyers’ hands, bags, or other accessories with which they attach or place their keychains.
  1. Cost-Effective Alternative

Hot-stamped keychains are a cost-effect alternative for many promotional items. These keychains can be customized by the brands with their logo, in their favorite shape and color. These keychains are light and inexpensive. A person can get a further discount if they buy it in bulk. Due to their high-quality finish, these keychains require little to no repairs. Due to this reason, hot stamped key chains have a longer shelf life. They make a great accessory to give away during conferences to raise brand awareness. 

The Bottom Line 

Hot stamping epoxy acrylic keychains have been earning positive reviews from several customers because of their sleek designs, durability, cool accessories, and exceptional quality. The use of an updated printing method, like hot stamping, allows customers to customize their preferred products in different shapes, sizes, and designs. A person based on their preferences can custom design a keychain that is high in class and low in cost. To get the best hot stamping epoxy acrylic keychains in town go contact Vograce today and get quality products delivered to your doorsteps. 

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