Do you feel that NCERT books should be made compulsory in all schools?

The need of the hour is a uniform education pattern in government and private schools. Hence it is necessary to prescribe the same pattern of books. 8th class Maths solution is of the same standards all through the country. Some private schools due to the monetary benefits are known to prescribe private books of the private publishers. For the benefit of students and the parents such type of malpractices is something that needs to be avoided at all costs. The books that are prescribed by NCERT should adhere to all syllabus. There has to be a board in place who monitors the course curriculum of NCERT books.  Not only it is about the welfare of the students but the quality of education holds a lot of importance.

Experts are known to design NCERT books

To form an opinion that NCERT books will be insufficient is a myth. Not only they are a source of knowledge, but they are updated by some of the brightest minds in the country. Though stiff level of competition is bound to provide a degree of commercialization. The parents do not mind paying for the best results for their students and they sign up at the time of admission. To prevent any form of harassment, the schools should look into the process of making books convenient and make it hassle free.

Private schools end up in a profit centric mode

Private schools are known to prefer expensive books that is available at a particular shop and ends up looting parents. A lot of times parents end up interfering in this matter, but due to the strong lobbying at the end of private schools they are able to deal with this situation and the rates tends to increase with new syllabus. This is a form of book that you cover all over India, but for other publishers they need to take approval for the central government to make any modifications on the syllabus.

The books of private publishers can be provided at free of cost. There are schools that force parents, to purchase books from certain vendors. This is a practice that needs to be forbidden at all costs. It is suggested that the schools should ask parents to purchase NCERT books that are affordable. The other books that are published by the other publishers can be distributed free of cost and this is only if they are required in the course modules. It has to kept in mind that the schools have no rights to burn a hole in the pocket of parents. More so during the prevailing health crises that has gone on to have a major impact in the common man’s life. Education has gone on to become a form of a business

Ever since the CBSE board has gone on to make NCERT books compulsory for the students a lot of private schools have gone on to showcase their displeasure. It is due to the fact that they would like to safeguard their vested interests on all counts. The board is of the opinion that schools are accepting high rates of commission and going on to prescribe these books. A careful comparison drives home the point there is a major difference between NCERT books and the ones of other publishers. Taking the profit-making equation into consideration a lot of schools end up making a lot of profits during this time.

There is a definite reason why NCERT books are prescribed by CBSE board. The books are only sufficient to obtain good marks in the exams. Not only these books clarify and polish your concepts but it goes on to provide you with an idea about the complex subjects that you need to study. The books of NCERT adhere to CBSE curriculum and most of the questions are expected to be asked from them.

Other things that tend to emerge is most of the private schools follow their own set of books. It is only when they reach class 11 that they end up prescribing NCERT books Even if they go on to prescribe NCERT books they advocate the use of private books at a parallel level. It has to be said that they obtain some level of commission from the book sellers. The CBSE board needs to act tough if they feel that any such protocols are followed at the end of the schools.

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