Esports Betting: 2023 Betting Trends At New88

The e-sports game becoming more and more popular, many attractive professional tournaments are held in many different regions. Since then, these electronic sports have gradually become popular and widely known New88 used the subject Esports This was introduced into the field of betting, and received a lot of support from young people.

Next, I will introduce to you the products Esports betting which is very popular at this bookmaker New88, please follow it.
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A few words about the Esport betting hall

Bookmaker New88 offers many different betting games, this is considered a paradise for bettors, with hundreds of different betting games.

The house is bringing bettors very attractive betting games, not only that, but each betting product is of very high quality, including Esports betting products. This is considered one of the top reputable Esport betting addresses that is causing a fever in the Vietnamese betting market.

Bookmaker New88 brings you extremely attractive bets on most major and small Esport tournaments around the world. Each match is organized in separate betting halls with many diverse betting outlets, giving you many interesting experiences when teaming up with your favorite players in the e-sports arena.

Not only that, the Esport betting lobby also continuously updates information about the tournament table, competition time as well as match developments for each Esport game.

Guaranteed to bring relevant information quickly, promptly and accurately, helping you make objective judgments and significantly increase your odds of winning.

Esports betting products at New88

Esports is a collection of many different electronic games, so Esports betting products also have many electronic games to bet on. All Esports betting products are cooperated by the bookmaker with IM E – Sports provider. Let’s take a look at some Esport betting products here.

League of Legends

This is a game loved by many young people, with diverse gameplay, using many reasonable strategies and tactics, which has made many people love this game, and since then there have been many tournaments. appear worldwide.

Bookmaker New88 has grasped that, bringing many attractive odds, along with many interesting bets for all League of Legends tournaments. From the world’s top tournaments, to village tournaments, in many countries, bookmakers also provide betting odds so you can easily choose to bet.


Not much different from League of Legends, this is also a fighting game that is taking the gaming market by storm. This has caused bookmakers New88 to add to their Esports betting game portal, and at the same time, the tournaments of this game are also brought to their homepage by the house, with extremely high odds and odds. attractive. Makes many bettors restless with sweet bets like this.
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CS:GO is a competitive shooting game that can be fought in teams or singles, with extremely fierce battles taking place in many tournaments in many different regions.

Bookmaker New88 is bringing all those tournaments to its betting lobby, with attractive bets, such as: Betting on the final winning team, betting on winning each match,… At the same time, the bookmaker also has suggestions. , information about the match so you can follow developments most accurately.


There are many matches between gamers, taking place continuously and fully updated by bookmaker New88 in many different tournaments here.

The house also offers quite high odds and a variety of bets, which will help you not get bored when betting here. You should not miss it when participating in New88 Esports betting products.


One of the most popular survival games in the video game world like PUBG is of course indispensable in the list of Esport betting halls.

Continuously updating major tournaments, with competitive matches along with bets with extremely valuable payout rates. Those who love this survival game will not be able to miss this vibrant and fiery betting hall.

The house also offers many different Esport betting products, such as: Valorant, SC2, Call of duty, NBA2K,… with a full range of extremely attractive odds waiting for you.

However, the odds of each bet will be automatically updated by the system, increasing or decreasing at different times of the match. Therefore, you must constantly monitor and update these odds before placing bets.

Instructions for participating in playing Esports game products at New88

Next, I will introduce to you how to participate in playing Esports betting products at bookmaker New88, just follow a few basic steps below.

Step 1: Go to the bookie’s website at

  • You can access it using a web browser.
  • Or you can download the app to your phone.

Step 2: Register an account.

Select the “Register” section, fill in all the information requested by the house in the form, such as: Account name, password, phone number, email,…

Step 3: Login and deposit.

  • After completing registration, please log in to your account in the bookmaker’s betting lobby.
  • Then, select “Deposit” to deposit money into your account or you can select “Transfer” to receive more promotions.

Step 4: Choose an Esport game product and place a bet.

  • After completing the deposit process, please return to the home page and select “Esport” => Select “IM E – Sports”.
  • The screen will display the betting screen with the game list in the left column and the match list in the center of the screen.
  • You choose the Esport game you want to bet on, then drag and select the match you want to bet on.
  • Then, set the amount you want to bet and the corresponding bet. Click confirm to complete the bet.

Finally, you just need to sit and wait for the results of the match you have bet on. Don’t hesitate to join the day of Esports betting products right away.

Note: Depending on the regulations of each Esport match, the house will offer the maximum number of bets you can bet on for 1 match. This limits the possibility of many people betting on multiple doors at the same time, affecting the house’s odds.


With information about Esports betting products, we hope to help you answer some of your questions about the products. Esports betting New88.

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