How to Sleep in an Hour?

The importance of healthy sleep is obvious, but a modern person is simply not able to devote the required 8 hours to sleep. The workload, a lot of household chores, and the desire to spend pleasant hours with a loved one make us refuse to rest. Doctors say that healthy sleep consists of 4 cycles of alternating REM and non-REM sleep. Phases change approximately every 1.5 hours. Is it important to go through them all? Many great people knew how to sleep in an hour. Let’s try to sort out this issue. 

Getting Ready for Sleep

By following just a few simple recommendations, you will forever forget about insomnia and learn how to pack your rest in much less time than the people around you:

  • Take care of a pillow and a blanket in advance – create perfect comfort for yourself;
  • Forget about overeating. No one can sleep on a full stomach;
  • Eliminate alcohol – sleep, after strong drinks, is always anxious and unproductive. Also, make sure you are not using gadgets. Playing online slots and video games before sleep can harm your schedule;
  • Nicotine and caffeine will definitely not help you get a good night’s sleep or rest properly;
  • Follow the routine. If you go to bed at the same time, the body itself will tune in to the desired wave.

Do not think that the result will appear after the first experiment. You will need some time to see the consequences. 

Sleeping in an Hour

Of course, you will not be able to constantly devote only 60 minutes to sleep a day. However, in emergency situations, you may need a method invented by the great Leonardo Da Vinci. Your bed linen store has done a great job of finding a powerful old piece of advice and is happy to share it with you. If every 4 hours you manage to fall asleep for 15 minutes, success will be guaranteed.

How to Sleep in 4 Hours?

  • Go to bed well before midnight. Napoleon, telling his associates about how to get enough sleep quickly, did not stop talking about the importance of timely falling asleep. Do you want to sleep for one hour and rest for two? Just go to sleep before 12 midnight;
  • Learn to turn off anxiety, all negative emotions need to be washed off from yourself in the shower, and not dragged to bed. This advice will help you get enough sleep in a short time, and teach you how to respond to difficult situations in life;
  • Set your biological clock. Just set a wake-up time. And when you wake up at the appointed time, get up immediately.

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