Instructions for lottery players on how to ask for Mr. Dia Dia’s lucky numbers

Currently, there are many different methods to own lucky numbers to help players play the lottery. Among them, methodPlease ask for Mr. Dia’s number The bridge has been favored by many people because of its ability to bring high efficiency. However, to achieve optimal results, you need to master the most accurate ways to ask for numbers. Let’s New88 Let’s refer to the methods of asking for numbers from the dealer below, to find support for your lottery playing strategy.
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Origin of Ong Dia belief

In Vietnamese culture, there is a familiar proverb: “The land has Tho Cong, the river has Ha Ba”. The meaning of this sentence is according to the belief that in each land, river and stream there will be a god who manages it. In the belief of reverence for Earth Cong, whenever performing work related to land such as construction, digging ponds, digging wells, gardening, plowing fields or digging graves… people often conduct a groundbreaking ceremony to honor Earth. this god.

Tho Cong is also known as Ong Dia and people often build Ong Dia altars on the ground (because the soil needs to return to the soil). In many places, due to influence from China, Ong Dia is also known as the God of Wealth (because everything originates from the soil).

How to ask for lottery numbers on Mr. Dia

According to Vietnamese belief, Ong Dia is powerful and effective in bringing luck and success. Therefore, many people have learned and applied ways to ask for Mr. Dia’s number to pray for satisfaction and wealth in betting. Below are some commonly used and effective ways to ask for lottery numbers from Mr. Dia that you can refer to. However, it should be remembered that asking for lottery numbers from Mr. Address is a method of chance and does not have any guarantees about the final result.

How to get Ong Dia’s number by drawing paper

With a piece of paper, we recite the prayer for Ong Dia’s number and bow in front of the altar. Then, gently dip this paper in a cup of wine and stick it on Ong Dia temple. After a while, the paper will appear messy black stripes. People who come to ask for numbers will rely on the shape on this piece of paper to guess and find the right number for themselves.

Another method is when the person connecting allows the spirit to “enter” directly into the body and communicate readings by writing, speaking or other signs.

How to ask for Mr. Dia’s number through Mr. Seven and Mr. Ta

Asking for Ong Hoang Bay and Ong Ta numbers is a popular method used by many people to find lucky numbers. According to folk beliefs, Ong Hoang Bay has the ability to predict and point out lucky numbers for players, while Ong Ta is considered a god with knowledge of all numbers and can provide information. accurate information for the person asking for the number.

Before asking for numbers from Ong Hoang Bay and Ong Ta, people often perform rituals and offerings to honor and ask for help from these two gods. This is considered a way to connect spiritually and create favorable conditions for receiving lucky numbers.

Below are some ways to ask for Mr. Dia’s number through Mr. Hoang Bay and Mr. Ta that you can refer to to seek support and determine your lucky number.

Ask for the best Mr. Hoang Bay number

To properly ask for Ong Hoang Bay’s blessing, let’s join togetherNew88 Refer to the following instructions:

  • Call for the consensus of the ancestors: The ancestors always accompany and participate with you when going to the temple or shrine. Therefore, when asking for Ong Hoang Bay’s fortune or praying anywhere, the most important thing is not to fully decorate the altar or present splendid votive jewelry, but to prepare carefully. carefully and called for the consensus of the ancestors before leaving.
  • Arriving and returning to the place: The number of people attending the ceremony represents the number of families and clans. The ancestors and seniors of the family went to the temple, reported and made an appointment with the gods at that place. From the time you buy fruits, offerings and votive offerings until you set out on the road, avoid turning around and going out, go straight to Ong Hoang Bay temple, then perform the ceremony and finally go somewhere else. Only then can you remain faithful to the promises of your ancestors and the gods.
  • Buying offerings must be fresh and good: You can buy offerings at home to avoid being “cut off” at the temple. However, no matter where you buy holiday items, always make sure they are fresh, don’t be cheap, and don’t choose poor quality items. When buying holiday items, you should not be too busy searching for price incentives so that the seller will reduce the price too much. Because the offerings must show the family’s sincerity, even in the way they speak.

Please ask for Mr. Ta’s number

To get Ong Ta’s number, there are some traditional methods applied. Below are some ways to get Ong Ta number that you can refer to:
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  • Ceremony to worship Ong Ta: Prepare a small altar and place on it offerings such as incense, betel, wine, floating cakes, fruit, and other meaningful items. Perform the ritual of worshiping Mr. Ta with sincerity and praying to Mr. Ta to give you lucky numbers.
  • Ask for a number through name divination: Write your name and date of birth on a piece of paper. Use a pencil to mark the numbers 0 to 9 on the paper. Then, look carefully at the numbers that the pencil has marked to find the lucky number instructed by Mr. Ta.
  • Asking for numbers via date of birth: Based on your date, month and year of birth, consider the numbers related to date of birth, month of birth, and year of birth to find the lucky number. Mr. Ta can guide you through these numbers.
  • Please pass the groundbreaking ceremony: The groundbreaking ceremony is a ritual to worship Ong Ta and mascots. Prepare a small altar and place on it offerings such as incense, betel, floating cakes, fruits and other meaningful items. Perform the groundbreaking ceremony with sincerity and pray to Mr. Ta to give you lucky numbers.


If in the past you have applied for the number of Mr. Than Tai – Tho Dia but were not successful, it may be because you did not do it properly or were not sincere. Try the above methods to ask for Ong Dia’s number to pray for luck from the god.New88 Hopefully the information in this article will bring useful knowledge and information to you.

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