Top 5 Causes of Fatal Distracted Driving Crashes

Distracted driving is now a big problem. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration states that those who are distracted while they’re driving are four times more likely to get involved in a fatal crash than those who aren’t. In the age of cell phones, this is something that can have disastrous consequences, not just for the driver but also for anyone in the car with them.

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For now, let us now see into the top 5 causes of distracted driving crashes.

  • Daydreaming

Daydreaming is one of the top causes of distracted driving crashes. The CDC notes that daydreaming while driving can be as dangerous as other forms of distracted driving, like talking to passengers, eating and drinking, or even changing the radio station. You might imagine yourself on a tropical island or a beautiful mountain, but you’re really in the middle of traffic, and you might not realize it until it’s too late.

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  • Cellphone use

Cellphone use has now become a very common practice among most people. It is used not just for calling and texting, but also to access the internet, watch videos, and play games. According to the National Safety Council, about 88% of drivers use cell phones while driving.

  • Looking at something outside the car

There are times when you might simply be looking at something outside the car and not realize that you’re about to crash. The most common cause for this is getting distracted by an attractive woman or man walking on the street. 

  • Eating or drinking

Eating and drinking are very common distractions for most people. You might be eating something delicious or drinking a coffee, or having a drink while you’re driving. But in some cases, this distraction can cause fatal crashes. 

  • Adjusting audio or climate controls

Adjusting an audio or climate control system is something that most people do when they’re in their car. Most of the time, you only need a few seconds to change the volume. But in some cases, this can cause accidents. According to the CDC, adjusting the volume or channel is one of the distraction causes that happens more frequently while people are driving.

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