Winning the lottery is extremely easy thanks to today’s double lottery prediction

Lottery prediction is an indispensable condition in the professional lottery world and double lottery prediction is considered the best way and brings high winning rates with little capital. That’s why, double lottery predictions are being searched and researched the most by players today.
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What is double lottery prediction?

Today’s double lottery is the lottery prediction term for numbers that have the same tens and units (For example: 00, 11, 22, 33, 44, 55, 66, 77, 88, 99 ). The advantage of playing double lotteries is that the player only needs to bet on these pairs of numbers, without having to bet on wrong numbers. Thus, players can win and save their betting capital effectively.

What is playing double lottery today?

Today’s double lot is a form of betting in which players need to correctly guess the last 2 numbers of any of the lottery results. Then, bet money on that predicted pair of double numbers. 

Today’s double lottery will usually be drawn live every day and the results are calculated by the last 2 digits of the special prize. Players can bet on any of the 10 numbers from 00 to 99 to participate in Northern double lottery. Players who want to win need to apply statistical and analytical methods to have the luckiest double lottery pairs to win.

What types of double numbers are there?

There are many different types of double lotteries, but below are some of the most common types that are most used by players and are the easiest to win:

  • Equal double lots: These are pairs of numbers made up of 2 identical digits. These numbers are limited to only 10 numbers: 00, 11, 22, 33, 44, 55, 66, 77, 88, 99. Double lottery is considered the easiest way to play and requires little capital investment. best.
  • Odd double lotteries: A set of 2 numbers that will be each other’s shadow, or in lottery, also called a pair of mixed numbers. The skewed double number set will include 5 sets of numbers: 05 – 50, 16 – 61, 27 – 72, 38 – 83, 49 – 94.
  • Negative double lots: These are pairs of numbers created from pairs of negative shadows of each other. In there: 
  • Number 7 is a shadow of number 0 and vice versa. 
  • Number 4 is the shadow of number 1 and vice versa. 
  • Number 9 is the shadow of number 2 and vice versa.
  • Number 6 is the shadow of number 3 and vice versa.
  • Number 8 is a shadow of number 5 and vice versa.

Methods for predicting today’s double lottery numbers

Predicting double lotteries is like other methods of predicting lottery numbers, it is quite diverse and has many levels for players to freely apply their intelligence and experience such as predicting silver numbers, predicting prizes. , silent lottery prediction. Below are some of the most successful methods applied by experts that you can refer to:

Catch a double lottery winning player according to the prize

With this method, the player takes the first number in the special prize on day 2 to use as the ball number to create a double lottery for the following week. Or players can calculate according to the total number of the special prize. 

Besides, you can predict the number 7 if there is a double lottery, then use that pair of numbers to play for the next day or combine it with a frame for 2-3 days to definitely win.
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Catch the double lottery according to silver memory

This method will be applied based on the silent tail, pay attention to numbers that have not returned for a long time and synthesize the results for about 20 days to find the exact rule of the pairs of numbers. Combine the double bridge and create a problem with correct pairs of numbers.

Experiences in double lottery prediction you should know

To help you soon become experts at predicting and winning when playing double lottery, New88 Please share the following valuable experiences:

According to the “bloody” experience of many experts, with double lotus whites, you should use the frame for 2 days for the best results, or just 3 days, don’t grow the frame for too long as it will lead to missing a beat.

It is necessary to monitor and compile lottery results regularly and up to date to have the most accurate data when analyzing and predicting numbers. At the same time, the results need to be analyzed over a long period of time (about 10 to 20 most recent results) to ensure the rule is most accurate.

Another important factor is player psychology. You need to always maintain a comfortable and calm mentality to avoid looking in the wrong direction. Numbers always have rules and mistakes are easy to make, so you need to be alert so as not to make mistakes that lead to unnecessary losses.


Above is quite practical knowledge about the method of predicting double lotteries that every player from beginners to experts should pay attention to. Wishing you victory.

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