Common Mistakes to Avoid When Filing Workers’ Compensation Claim

Workers’ compensation helps the injured employees in terms of financial support and various other benefits so that they can get back to the work as soon as possible. The compensation can be paid by the employer after the employee files a claim with the help of a Newport News workers’ comp attorney. It has been observed that employees may make several mistakes while seeking compensation. Some of them are elaborated on as below:

You did not get medical attention after the injury 

The claim may get rejected if you did not receive any medical treatment right after getting injured. The insurance company may start to believe that you have not received any medical attention because your injuries were not serious. If you want to get compensation, you should immediately seek medical assistance after the accident.

You don’t have the details of the accident

In case, you are unable to provide the details of what happened at the time of the accident, you may face rejection. It is crucial to have a detailed description of the accident so that the officials are able to figure out the exact reason for the injuries. It is highly recommended to take note of who was present at the accident scene and how they reacted. In case, they came and communicated with you, you must have the details of the communication as well. Everything should be documented before and after the accident.

You don’t have your medical reports 

Your doctor will give you the details on what caused your injuries, how the accident has affected your physical and mental capability and whether you are in a condition to return to work. Apart from this, you also need to have test reports, X-rays and scans showing that you have received injuries. In case, you don’t have any of these supporting documents, you are likely to get your claim rejected.

Failed to report the incident to your employer 

If you did not inform your manager or the human resource department, your claim may not be validated. It is not a good idea to inform him verbally. You must send emails to your manager, superior and the HR department all at the same time. If you submit the report very late, your case may look suspicious. 

If you want to win the case and get the compensation, you should not file a claim without the assistance of a workers’ comp attorney. 

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