Home Health Care Services in Norristown: Do You Need Short-Term or Long-Term Care?

The ability to live independently is essential to every person no matter their ability and age. Also, living at home with dignity is an important part of a person’s identity, satisfaction as well as mental and physical well-being. In some instances, independent living can be hard and a senior requires assistance from those who specialize in home health care services Norristown to make sure they still feel confident in their everyday activities. 

When you have to decide the kind of care you want to receive, you must understand whether you need short-term or long-term care. Such kinds of care can differ in the timeframe, the services given, and your care needs. Understanding how these options differ can help you decide the kind of home care services you need. 

Short-Term Care

You will want to choose this type of care if you only need a few hours or months of care.  In general, it is meant to help you recover from hospitalization, surgery, illness, or injury. Also, it includes respite care for caregivers of loved ones who wish to take a break from their care duties. 

Normally, short-term care happens in a person’s home and can include medical and non-medical services such as personal care, meal preparation, wound care management, light housekeeping, medication administration, and catheter management. The Norristown services you can get depend on your needs. 

Long-Term Care

This type of care is often geared toward elderly people, those with progressive, chronic health conditions, and people with a disability, and need ongoing assistance. Those who live with Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease usually require long-term care.

Usually, family members take care of their diseased or elderly loved ones; however, they may not possess the qualifications or experience to offer the right kind of care that meets their loved one’s needs. Meanwhile, a professional caregiver can help improve a person’s quality of life, maintain their independence, and bring family members peace of mind. 

Long-term care is meant to make sure the person getting care keeps their quality of life, overall well-being, and health. Examples of this kind of care include companionship care, 24/7 home care, personal care, dementia care, home nursing, and others. 

The right kind of care for you depends on your care needs, including medical and non-medical requirements. Also, you must consider your ability to recover and live on your own in the future. Should you need any kind of care, you should contact a reputable home health care provider in Norristown. 

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