How Can You Waterproof Outdoor Mattresses?

Outdoor mattresses are the perfect place where you can relax and enjoy the outdoor ambiance. They increase the charm of your outdoor décor. Most people use the outdoor mattresses near their pool and patio. However, your outdoor mattresses can get and absorb moisture pretty quickly, especially if you live in a climate condition where rain is expected frequently. If you let moisture affect your mattress, you will soon notice the growth of algae and fungus. 

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Purchasing an outdoor mattress is one of the best investments in your house. As the longevity of the mattresses is quite high, they can easily last for years, only if you take proper care of them. 

This is why you need to ensure that your mattresses are protected from water and moisture. Remember that most mattresses don’t feature water-resistant properties. This means that you need to use third-party solutions to make your mattress waterproof. In this article, we will discuss how you can waterproof your outdoor mattresses. To learn more about mattresses online please visit Chiropedic

Waterproof Mattress Covers 

Waterproof mattress covers are extremely effective at improving the hygiene as well as the lifespan of your mattress. Apart from protecting your mattress from spillage and fungus, they will also work as a barrier between the fabric of the mattress and your sweaty body. Some common factors such as your dead skill cells, moisture, dust, and food crumbs can affect the hygiene of your mattress as well as your overall physical health. 

When you choose a high-quality daybed mattress coverit will be able to protect you from various allergies such as dust and pollens that might trigger allergic reactions. If your outdoor mattress requires regular cleaning and proper maintenance process, the mattress cover will help you make the maintenance process of the mattress easier.  

Additionally, when you choose a waterproof mattress cover, it will protect your mattress from any type of damage due to body sweat or spillage. The covers are washable. Therefore, you can wash them easily and get rid of the dust and debris. 

Waterproof Spray 

This is another great way to make your mattress waterproof. If you’re planning to use a waterproof spray to make your mattress withstand rain, here are the steps you need to follow:

  • Place your mattress in outdoors and spray with the chemical lightly. 
  • Don’t spray the chemical too close to the mattress. 
  • Spray multiple times for full coverage. 
  • Make sure the mattress is dried properly in normal weather conditions. 

If the water rolls down from the surface of the mattress instead of being soaked, this means that you’ve successfully implemented the waterproof spray. You can also choose UV-resistant sprays that will protect your mattress from sun damage. As per Presto Group, UV coating is beneficial

DIY Waterproof Protector 

If you love DIY activities, you can create a waterproof protector for your mattress. You can purchase different types of poly-blends that will allow you to protect your mattress from humidity, moisture, and sunlight. Make sure you follow these steps to create your waterproof protector:

  • Take proper measurements of the mattress. 
  • Cut the fabric as per the measurements. 
  • Sew the fabric to put the cover together.


This is how you can waterproof your outdoor mattresses. If you have any other questions, make sure you comment below to let us know. 

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