How Do Metaverse Casinos Differ from Regular Casinos?

In 1992, Neal Stephenson, a sci-fi writer, coined the term ‘metaverse’ to explain a 3D virtual space where people could interact. Finally, Stephenson’s idea has become a reality, and we are now experiencing a crossover between the digital and real-life worlds across all industries, including the casino scene.

Top-rated online gambling sites like GGBet Casino have shown players the best of times through an action-packed variety of gambling games for the last decade. However, the online gaming industry has recently taken a leap into the virtual world, and it is indeed exciting to both newbies and gambling enthusiasts. We’ve already felt the gaming industry’s massive presence, particularly after the outbreak of covid, when most land-based casinos had to shut down and more punters embraced online gambling platforms. This paved the way for more advancement into internet-based gaming as even die-hard land-based casino fans realized that online platforms are equally entertaining.

For the next decade, the online gambling world will be a lot more captivating compared to what we are currently used to, thanks to the metaverse. But how exactly is the gambling experience in the metaverse different? Read on to discover how the expansive world of metaverse casino gaming works and how it differs from the regular online casino experience.

Banking Options

No matter the type of casino you select, one of the most important features a punter is keen on are banking options that are safe, quick and secure. Regular casinos offer multiple payment options at your convenience, such as credit and debit cards like Visa and Mastercard, e-wallets like PayPal, Skrill and Neteller or cryptos such as Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum, depending on the country.

On the other hand, metaverse casinos do not use traditional banking methods.Instead, they run exclusively on decentralized digital currencies. If you have fiat currencies, you will convert them into various supported cryptos and crypto tokens depending on the preference of the metaverse casino you want to play. From there, you are supposed to download a crypto wallet to manage all your transactions in a single space. However, the payment procedure is similar for both the metaverse and online casinos. All you need to do is head to the cashier on either of the platforms and load your account or request a cashout.

Player Customization

In regular casinos, when signing up, you create a username to create anonymity. These usernames are a window to a person’s personality, and most punters will want to showcase meaningful things in their lives, such as movies or TV shows, a favorite sports team or hobbies.

As for metaverse casinos, each punter picks a pre-made avatar to play casino games in the metaverse. You can customize your digital avatar’s physical traits such as skin colour, eyes, hair, shoes, and clothes to look like you or get creative to suit your tastes and preferences. Additionally, you will have to get custom NFT accessories, which in some cases unlock premium gaming services.

For example, to play the ICE poker game in the metaverse, you need to get your hand on at least one ICE accessory either by delegation or purchase and dress your avatar. Once you get the NFT accessory, you receive casino chips, and you can start playing the game. Fortunately, you can always rebuild your avatar so go wild, and let’s see what you come up with!

More Realistic Entertainment

In regular online casinos, you play games on your computer or mobile device – but the platform is static. You can only manoeuvre through different menus and launch an app or website. With the metaverse, 3D virtual reality technology will take center stage to take immersion levels several notches higher.

Metaverse casinos will let you immerse yourself in extraordinary gaming experiences. For example, most casinos on the metaverse are designed to mirror the Las Vegas strip. To start your adventure in the metaverse, you move your avatar around, check into a casino, have a host welcome you, and if you select roulette, you get to sit with other players at the table. As a result, you feel like you are in a land-based casino, and it has a more personal touch compared to online casinos.

However, the gaming selection in both online casinos and the metaverse isn’t very different, only that there’s more interaction that boosts the gaming thrill. But then, compared to brick-and-mortar casinos, the metaverse can hold a wide range of games, machines and tables because it has infinite space.

Parting Shot

The metaverse casino is still a very new concept, even though it has already raked in $7.5 million in the first three months of 2022. Additionally, the casinos are created by existing companies or newbies in the industries, and regulatory bodies haven’t moved into the metaverse yet to guarantee player safety as it happens in the real world. Therefore, you must do your research before committing your hard-earned money in the new-fangled gambling spaces.

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