How To Let the Summer Breeze in and Keep Bugs Out with a Screen Door

One of the best parts of the summer season is enjoying the sunshine and warm weather in your own backyard. However, it is also a peak time for bug bites and unwanted pests in the house. This means having to keep your screen door closed, making it harder to walk in and out of your backyard. This is especially frustrating when you are hosting a backyard party or pool day and have your hands full of supplies.

So, what’s the solution? An Everlasting Comfort magnetic screen door offers a useful solution to keeping bugs out of your home without sacrificing the warm summer breeze. If this sounds good to you, keep reading below to learn how a magnetic screen door is your number one home essential. 

What is a magnetic screen door?

An everlasting comfort magnetic screen door is a super easy-to-use and convenient replacement for your typical sliding screen door. Opening a classic sliding door can be a hassle, as it hinders you from walking in and out with your hands full. And if you leave the door wide open, bugs and other pests can enter your home without warning. Therefore, the solution is a screen door with magnets that are designed to make your daily life at home just a little easier and more satisfying.

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Magnetic screen doors are made with durable mesh curtain panels that fit perfectly into almost all door frames. The mesh curtains are split down the middle and held perfectly together by a weighted magnetic strip in the center. The magnets create an automatic closure so you can walk through your door without having to open or close it yourself. It’s like magic!

You will be able to pass through the magnetic screen door hands-free. So you can enjoy the breeze of leaving your sliding glass door open without worrying about those pesky bugs flying in! 

How to install the Everlasting Comfort Magnetic screen door

One of the best parts of a magnetic screen door is just how easy it is to install! You can upgrade your home and make your life easier this summer in a matter of minutes. So you can enjoy the outdoor view, relax in the toasty summer breeze from inside, and keep the pesky bugs outside all season long. So how does the installation work? It only takes a few simple steps.

  • Step 1: Clean and Measure the Doorframe: First, double-check the size of your door frame to ensure the magnetic screen door lines up well. If it does not align with the measurements of your door frame, you may need to adjust the size by hemming the edges. Once you have confirmed that your door frame is the correct size, it is time to wipe the doorframe clean. This step helps prepare the door frame for easy installation. You can clean your doorframe by simply using an all-purpose cleaning solution or even water. Spray the doorframe and wine it down to create a squeaky clean finish.
  • Step 2: Lay Flat and Align Magnets: Next, lay the magnetic screen door flat and align the central magnets. Connect all the magnets in the middle seam to close the retractable screen door. Then, hold the screen door to the top of the door frame to ensure that it sits just a quarter-inch above the floor. If it hangs below the door frame, hemming may be needed in order to make it properly fit and work correctly.  
  • Step 3: Attach Screen Door to Door Frame: Finally, use the provided thumbtacks included with your order to hang the screen doors onto the wooden door frames. For metal and aluminum door frames, hang the hook and loop tape. 

Additional benefits of a magnetic closure screen door

When you replace a classic screen door with a retractable one, you can enjoy the many benefits of having hands-free access into and out of your home. In addition to letting the summer breeze blow in while keeping unwanted pests and bugs from entering your home, some of the other benefits of a magnetic screen door include:

  • Convenient hands-free entry and exit 
  • Kid-friendly usage for all ages
  • Perfect for family pets, including dogs and cats 
  • Ideal screen door option all year round 
  • Weather and damage resistant
  • Easy to install in minutes

Let the breeze in and keep the bugs out with a magnetic screen door

Are you ready to make the most of your backyard this summer? Then you need to eliminate additional hassle from your home with an everlasting comfort magnetic screen door. You will be so glad you did it after you make tons of fun and meaningful backyard memories this season!

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