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How to Use Twitter and Facebook for Emergency Travel Information

Besides the traditional news, Twitter and Facebook are great tools for emergency travel information. You can follow accounts of your local government and tourism boards to find out the latest updates. The Caribbean Tourism Organization, for example, is updating travelers on Hurricane Irma with updates. This organization has accounts on both Facebook and Twitter. When emergency situations arise, Facebook automatically activates its Safety Check tool. This tool will notify you of updates on your destination, including evacuation routes, hotel information, and more.Enjoy your movies and series totally free here Movies2Watch

Find the most useful Twitter and Facebook accounts

You can also follow Caribbean Tourism Organization (CTO) accounts on Twitter and Facebook to receive updates during emergencies. If you are planning to travel to the Caribbean, Facebook has a safety check tool that activates when a travel emergency occurs, which prompts users to let their friends know they’re safe and seek assistance for themselves and others. Other accounts you might find helpful include travel agencies, news organizations, and bloggers.More Info About Liver Health

You can also follow various transportation companies and organizations that are on Twitter. You can follow Amtrak, RailEurope, bus, and cruise lines, airlines, airports, and car services. During Hurricane Maria, many airlines canceled flights to Puerto Rico, urging people to use public transportation. The company also alerted other airlines. You can also follow Twitter accounts of CDC Travel Health to stay informed about illness and injury prevention while traveling.click here to know more amazon prime

Find the most useful Airbnb account

If you’re staying in an Airbnb property, you should be able to reach your host via text or the website’s Neighbors page. If you have a problem with your stay, Airbnb can provide assistance. Depending on the location, you can also contact the local law enforcement agencies. However, if you’re abroad, you should always contact local law enforcement. Airbnb does not provide an emergency hotline. Visit here for information about Dramacool

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