Need legal advice for your injury claim? Ask these questions

Some accidents leave people scarred for life. It is okay to feel frustrated, infuriated, and overwhelmed at once, especially when the accident resulted from the negligence of the other party. This could refer to a case of medical malpractice or something like a car accident or a dog bite. No matter what type of claim you are dealing with, you should get legal advice from an expert at the earliest. Expectedly, it takes some homework to find the right expert, and you don’t need a lawyer but an experienced injury attorney. Here are some questions to ask before you get an injury lawyer on board.

What type of personal injury claims do you typically work on?

While personal injury claims may have common elements, cases are often very different and require changed strategies. For instance, the investigation for a generic two-vehicle car accident would be very generic than that of a commercial truck accident. Attorneys usually specialize in certain cases, and as a client, you have the right to know the lawyer’s profile.

Have you been to court?

Many people may have told you that injury claims rarely end up in court, but you cannot take chances. You need to engage an attorney who has trial experience, and not many lawyers can claim that. Ask the attorney how often they go to trial and their overall success rate in similar cases. You can also ask for a few references.

What is your assessment of my claim?

A skilled attorney will not only explain your rights but would have an ethical approach to the claim. You shouldn’t hire an attorney who wants to exaggerate your claim for the sake of getting a higher settlement. The initial assessment is based on the facts you share, but a good lawyer should ensure that you are aware of your legal options.

How much would you charge for my injury case?

When it comes to personal injury cases, lawyers don’t usually have an hourly rate. Because there is an element of financial compensation, attorneys typically take a contingency fee based on the compensation. Your lawyer can ask for 25% of the final settlement or more. Experienced attorneys often charge as much as 40% for personal injury cases, and you may have to pay for other expenses too. Get an estimate before you start.

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