Types of Dentists

A dentist is a person who is qualified to treat oral conditions that affect the gums and teeth. These experts are widely available, and the one you choose depends on your specific needs. Dentists undergo four years of training, and you should consider certain things before hiring one to make a more informed decision.

Below we discuss the most common types of dentists. 


A periodontist is tasked with treating and diagnosing issues that happen in a client’s gums. These professionals treat their patients by performing root planning, gingivitis, and gingival grafts, while others specialize in putting dental implants. 

A periodontist dentist must undertake a bachelor’s degree for three years and additional advanced training regarding gum diseases. 

General Dentist 

General dentists study their patient’s teeth for misalignment, and cavities, among others, and can also review their medical history and dental X-rays to develop an ideal treatment plan. However, a general dentist can refer you to a specialized dentist if your case is too severe. 

A general dentist can conduct root canals, pull teeth and other procedures to fix damaged teeth. 


A prosthodontist is responsible for improving a client’s jaw, mouth, and teeth appearance by making molds in their mouth. These professionals create prosthetics using the replacement teeth and make necessary adjustments to ensure the client is comfortable and keeps the teeth in the best state. 

A prosthodontist should complete a doctoral program and other specialized courses to make them suitable for the job. Some states also require proper certification, which you should check before hiring one. 


Endodontists specialize in tooth conditions and diseases like decay, and you can easily find one online. These experts provide treatments like surgeries to fix dental injuries and root canals to treat decay and infections. 

These specialists undertake a bachelor’s degree in dentistry and an additional three years in this field. They are also required to pass their state’s licensing exam before qualifying. 

Pediatric Dentist 

A Pediatric Dentist Scottsdale AZ is tasked with a child’s oral wellness from a young age until their youth. These experts focus on educating and treating young children on how to have healthy teeth. Pediatric dentists are responsible for filling cavities, reviewing X-rays, and educating their clients on the best oral hygiene practices. 

These experts must pass a state licensing and board exam besides undertaking a four-year course at the university. They also undertake advanced training in the pediatric field, which lasts around three years. 


Orthodontists are tasked with detecting and fixing misaligned teeth, jaws, among other issues that make patients uncomfortable. These experts check the patient’s medical record, take X-rays, and develop the best strategy to manage extra teeth. 

Additionally, orthodontists follow up with their clients to ensure the equipment is in place and functions correctly. 

Final Thoughts 

Dentists are available in different kinds, and you should choose one depending on your dentistry needs. These professionals are readily available, and the above article has discussed the most common dentists, including orthodontists and periodontists. 

Feel free to reach out for more information. 

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