What are yoga socks? Why should you choose them? 

As we know during yoga, feet position is far most important. There is special yoga suit, yoga mate and yoga shoes. But we never take notice about our socks. Ye role of socks during yoga is very important. Socks keep our feet at one place and we easily do our exercise without any slips. 

Keeping this in view we introduce the yoga socks. Yoga socks have special characteristics which helps us to perform yoga at any place. It keeps our feet’s warm and traction. 

Difference between yoga socks and regular socks

Have you notice? Regular socks are slippy. You can’t stand in one position or by one feet while wearing such socks. While yoga socks are thin in nature and they are very smooth. Non cloth material distinguish them from other socks. Ordinary socks are made by cotton cloth and other materials while yoga socks specially made by cloth, rubber and plastic. Which enhances the socks grip. 

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Yoga socks are specially made for exercise. There are many perks like;


As we discuss before yoga socks made by special material which make your feet warm. Practitioners can do some extra insulation. It can’t brake your concentration due to cold feet.

Maintain circulation of blood. 

Feet’s are the base of all the body. If your feet’s re not comfortable you can’t even walk. Feet’s are the distal part of body prone to decrease blood flow. Specially beginners, sensitive to change in circulation. It maintains your blood flow. 


It is hygienic for wearer and studio where yoga perform. Socks protect your feet from dirt and dust and for diabetic patients whose feet’s are more prone to infection. Studio will also be cleaned from your sweat. 

Some yoga practitioners are not comfortable for go outside the home .yoga socks provide similar coverage like shoes and sandals.

Types of yoga socks

We offer multiple types of socks;

Grip socks

Grip socks maintain your body grip and you still stand at one place without any Trimble. It is non slip socks which is best for yoga different positions.  It is best non slip socks.

Open toe socks

This socks cover your heels and leave you toes expose. It is more useful for feet movement. Keeping this in view, heel socks also made by rubber, plastic and other grip materials. Open-toe socks boast better ventilation than grip socks. 

Full size socks

This socks cover the area till ankles. It is helpful for certain positions. And it is also useful for beginners. 

While washing yoga socks need more care. It can be damage of lose its ability. These socks provide them insolation and abbreviation. It provide cushion to your bony par like ankle and lower soft skin .Also wash the socks from inside and outside. Wash those 104°F. Hang them for dry because it is made by rubber and plastic.

We also offer a 30 days trail. Grab your best pair and test them. If you like our product step towards and order your another pair.

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