Things you should know when buying an apartment in Beirut!

Living a healthy and luxurious life is the dream of any person. They would imagine themselves in a high-building apartment beside the glass windows, holding a cup of coffee or tea and looking across the buildings and the busy city at night or in the morning at the sky, which makes the person want to stay in that dream. 

Beirut is the most significant capital of Lebanon, and with schemes and housing plans, it has attracted tourists and locals to buy houses and apartments in Beirut. The short-term but steep rise in the location and people’s interest has attracted not just the tourists to buy houses there but also asked the locals to make homes in Beirut, raising its estate market value. 

Before you go and buy an apartment in Beirut, you should consider the following things,

Choose your neighborhood wisely.

When looking for an apartment, you should consider the neighborhood and the apartment’s location that would affect your daily routine. Choose the area according to your needs and offers an easy and safe commute to your office and daily life routine chores. Traffic in Beirut is quite hectic, and you wouldn’t want to get caught between your office time and busy schedule.

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Shop around in mortgage

When you have finalized your area and have set your eyes on the apartment of your dream, and you are ready to buy it, take a look in the area for the mortgage payment if you are not to pay cash for the apartment. You can look around the banks, discuss mortgages with them, and pre-approve them. Preapproving is essential as it lays out your budget and allows you the freedom to look for an apartment without worrying about approving it afterward.

Look for hidden bills and charges.

When you close a deal with your rental or purchase of the apartment, you should look at the utility bills for a change. You should take a peek at the bills for the last 12 months of electricity, water and gas. That would give you a better idea of what will the living cost. The apartment rental is an entirely different story; you have to pay your rent and utility bills.

Know your neighbors

When you have moved in and settled in your new apartment, make a healthy treat, offer them to your neighbors, and get to know them. Taking an excellent dish to their house will allow you to know them and make them feel welcome.

Invest in high-end kitchen utensils

It is better to buy kitchen utensils that are of quality and fine made. These are your one-time investment, and you wouldn’t have time to buy them daily, so take your time and select the quality utensils for your kitchen.


Buying an apartment in Beirut is close to living a luxurious life. The lifestyle the city offers to its residents is unparalleled. But take notice of your neighborhood and location when buying an apartment in Beirut.

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